Amazon and The Premier League? History in The Making

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Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur Star.

Amazon Have officially obtained rights to live-stream 20 Premier League games each season for 3 years.

  • The US firm makes history by becoming the first tech company ever to win rights to show the most popular sport in the UK.
  • A total of 20 matches of the Premier League will be live-streamed by the tech giant and it is claimed Amazon Prime users are guaranteed to see all the teams.  

Amazon, yes Amazon the same website you buy your electronics, groceries and many more things from have made history by winning rights to show Premier League games in the UK.

Starting August 2019 the tech giants have obtained the rights to live-stream an impressive 20 games a season for three years. Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking... "HOW MUCH?" Unfortunately, the value of the deal has not yet been disclosed.  

Last Thursday the Premier League announced that Amazon will have rights to live-stream 20 Premier League games. Amazon will show two full rounds of fixtures per season, one of which will be on a bank holiday and the other on a weekday. They also acquired highlights rights.

The Premier League consists of the UK's best 20 teams, Jay Marine, Vice president of Prime Video has said it will be "guaranteed" that you will see every side play no matter if you support. Whether it be Wolverhampton Wanders or Manchester United if you support a team playing in the Premier League you will see them play. 

Sky and BT currently have rights to broadcast Premier League games, currently, they are able to choose what games go live and what games you can't watch on TV. This results in some of the sides in the Premier League being featured less as they edge towards showing the bigger teams in the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United. 

This isn't the only sports Amazon has obtained rights to live-stream, the US Open tennis is also on the growing list. Amazon entering this market has broken the five-year stranglehold on existing rights holders Sky and BT. 

All this news lets talk some figures, Sky has paid a huge £3.58 billion for a whopping 128 games a season in February that amounts to $4.8 billion, this alone gives you an insight of just how popular this sport is.  BT, on the other hand, will screen 32 games, down from the previous 42 for a huge £885 million ( $1.18 billion).

Amazon has a membership service called Amazon Prime, this membership gives their customers exclusive deals. The Premier League games will be available to those with this membership. You can choose to pay either £7.99 a month or a lump sum of £79 for the year saving you a mere £15.89. Amazon has a bunch of exclusive shows on their prime service now, remember Top Gear (renamed The Grand Tour). The popular BBC show with over 300 million viewers, you will also have access to that. For prime users, this is looking like a great deal!

Richard Scudamore, the Premier League Executive Chairman has expressed his excitement, saying: "We welcome Amazon as an exciting new partner and we know Prime Video will provide an excellent service on which fans can consume the Premier League."



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