Music and Working Out, Here's How The Two Tie Together According To Science


Working out with music benefits

Do you play your favourite songs during your workouts? Here's what scientists say about it.

Have you ever noticed how much better a workout feels when you simply plug in your earphones and play your favourite songs? That's because it does! Music releases the brains natural painkillers.

There are two components when listening to music; the anticipation of wanting to hear your favourite workout jam, and the, of course, hearing it at last. Ever keep shuffle on, waiting for your favourite song to come on and all of a sudden bang! It comes on, you begin to resist the urge of signing along and dancing because you're in public too. That's the feeling there. 

Scientists also believe that listening to music does brighten your mood, dull any pain and increase well-being - this is all thanks to the feel-good chemicals it triggers the brain to release. Such as opioids and dopamine.

Music is either a distractor or mood enhancer. Which one though? As you can probably tell a distractor, distracts you. But how exactly? So some types of music (fast paced) stimulates the production of adrenaline. Now let's say you're pumped to hear this song, you begin dancing and you accidentally stub your toe on the table leg! OUCH! Not exactly, a distractor will work to distract you it'll moderate the pain and so you won't actually feel anything until later on. A great example would be, getting shot, believe it or not, some soldiers get shot without realising, I know I know, music has the ability to cover up the fact I got shot? NO! Don't ever try it but distractors have the ability to cover up to you that you've been shot. Now that's out the way, let's focus on how music can be used as a mood enhancer. When listening to music it releases internal mu-opioids and various other mood enhancers. When this occurs it will take more to feel pain. 

A study was recently conducted and shows that involving music with your workout aids you in maintaining your pace whilst exercising and regimen. 

This study consisted of 34 patients, one-third of which had no music during their workout, another third of the patients had music however it wasn't tailored to their workout and the last third had music specifically tailored to their workout.

The researchers conducted that the third of the patients that were listening to the music that was specifically tailored to their workout had the best results giving them the best physical activity of all three groups. The group with music specifically tailored to their workout were driven to workout on average 261.1 times more than the other two groups per week. 

I think it's clear that music has a great impact on your workout, it has been made very convenient for anyone to incorporate music into their workout. Need motivation? You can buy your new workout gear here, I recommend this pair of wireless headphones and I got a free smartwatch to help make things easier, I found they enhanced my workouts significantly. 

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