The World Cup - the greatest sporting event. Ever.


The biggest sporting event ever... Lets take a deeper look.

Football fans around the world get ready because in just a couple weeks the worlds biggest sporting ever will take place. The World Cup, 32 qualifying nations will go head to head in front of millions of supporters cheering them from the arena and behind those TV screens. 

Are you ready to hear these impressive stats? 

  • So if everyone watching the World Cup was to be there watching it live, it would require a stadium capacity of over 1 billion. Yikes, that number is huge for one sporting event, right? Thats not it though. 
  • During the World Cup of 2014 held in Brazil, Fifa received over 47 billion impressions, that is almost 7x the human population. Let that sink in. 
  • Fifa's World Cup page on instagram grew to a whopping 857k in just 31 days, thats an increase of over 1600%. Twitter? Well they logged a crazy 35.6 million tweets in the final alone. 90 minutes, 35.6 million tweets.
  • The best fact... "how many years have been spent watching all the content of the world cup?" the answer, 10,408 years and 261 days. Thats an incredible 9 billion hours or 3 million days!
  • With that being said, Fifa mentioned they reached an impressive 451 million facebook users with original World Cup content. Lets do a little math; facebook have roughly 2.19 billion users, Fifa reached 451 million of those users so 451,000,000/2,190,000,000 all multiplied by 100 gives us 20.5% of facebook users were reached by Fifa during the Brazil World Cup. Impressive Fifa, impressive.

Personally these figures blow my mind, they give me enough confidence to say it loud and clear. The World Cup is the largest Sporting event of all time, but who cares about what I say? Everyone does of course.

Tense moments created in this tournament are remembered for decades. Who'll take the trophy this year? 

Here are the group stages:

world cup groups

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